DIOR – a brand that challenges us



Connect with consumers – this was a key client task at the beginning, and typical of our philosophy. We knew exactly how to make it happen - from the first sketches, where we sat down with the client and worked together to specify the form of this test booth for fragrances, to the final 3D visual, in which the final appearance of the stand is captured realistically and professionally.

Development / Technology / Solution

Here, we developed and designed a technical solution which incorporates the premium materials that characterize this luxury brand and its position in the market. Nevertheless, the design is economical, and the reusable constructions and materials flexibly facilitate multiple deployments and thus increase the efficiency of this solution.

Realization / Installation

Fast, perfect and precise production is the basis of our success. Here, the first stand in the shopping center was manufactured and installed within 14 days of the approval of technical documentation.

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