MARS SK HQ – new offices which give encouragement and build brand loyalty


Creative Design

It’s very important to MARS that its employees work in a pleasant and creative environment. At the same time, it should be clear at first glance which brands the company stands for.

The difficult task was to combine these ideas so that everything works together and people feel comfortable in the space. The premises were designed to be creative and inspiring, with a lot of greenery and accessories, so that being in them is pleasant, even after a long time.

Development / Technology / Solution

It wasn’t easy to bring these elements together in a way that would meet the given budget and at the same time implement the intended ideas. That’s why all kinds of wooden materials and furniture elements, designer wall coverings, and other accessories are used in the interiors, to facilitate navigation in the building, parking signage and many other details.

Realization / Installation

Even in this complicated coronavirus period, when the possibilities of personal movement are limited, we assembled all the elements in Slovakia within 3 days and handed over the premises for use, which was a great challenge and a great success.